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Grupa Coincidentia, Lehmann und Wenzel, Wilde & Vogel
It all starts with a broken cuckoo clock, found in a shed, on an estate deep in the woods of Eastern Poland. Then the rummaging begins, playing through fictional yet possible situations. A journey to the past, full of stories and ideas, questions and inquiries. Into a Polish-German present, into the heart of the theatre.
--> unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19

Kukulka by Michał Strokowski
Kukulka © Michał Strokowski

Presentation Lecture
Wojtek Ziemilski
Essence of Poland
A perfume and its presentation. Wojtek Ziemilski, Polish theatre director, invited the Swiss perfumer Andreas Wilhelm to create a unique scent. The scent of Poland, evoking a feeling, an imaginary relationship to the abstract thing that a country is.
Performance in English.
--> unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19

Dance Performance
Agata Maszkiewicz
Do you find my body attractive? Can a body be politically correct? Who do we bother if we behave badly? Is impoliteness attractive? Should I be ashamed of something? Is there anything to be proud of? Does a nation have a body?
--> Leipzig, LOFFT - Das Theater, Wednesday, 21st of October, 8 p.m.
--> Chemnitz, Komplex, Thursday, 22nd of October, 8 p.m.

Performance Dance
Rafał Dziemidok
Out of Season - Undancing Vivaldi
Vivaldi's “Four Seasons“. What happens to this piece of world musical heritage in the minimalist setting of a non theatrical gallery space? In the face of a body struggling against the music for sovereignty of interpretation. A physical experiment on time and transience, endless return and wear. But also a competition between harmony and invention, just like Vivaldi's “Four Seasons“.
--> Leipzig, Thaler Originalgrafik, Wednesday, 21st of October, 6 p.m.
--> Chemnitz, Galerie Borssenanger, Friday, 23rd of October, 8 p.m.

Grupa Wokół Centrum
Dobre wychowanie
„Dobre wychowanie“ - Good Education – deals with the influences of principles practiced in childhood on later life. It tells of youth, of memories and associated expectations. A spectacle about adolescents and women, of relationships between mothers and daughters.
--> unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19

Dobre Wychowanie bz Paweł Moląg
Dobre wychowanie © Paweł Moląg

Lecture Dance Performance
Renata Piotrowska-Auffret & Guests
The pure gold is seeping out of me
Renata Piotrowska-Auffret examines the topic of motherhood caught between private desires and expectations in the face of career and society. What at first seems like a lecture about personal experiences is enriched by stories of other women. Feminine yearnings meet uncertainty, societal dogmas, the possibilities and limitations of artificial fertilization, promises of salvation and legal regulations.
--> Leipzig, LOFFT - Das Theater, Thursday, 22nd of October, 8 p.m.

Paweł Sakowicz
“Jumpcore” refers to the legendary death of Fred Herko, New York dance artist and Warhol muse. In 1964, he invited to a private performance. After taking a bath and putting on Mozart's Coronation Mass, he danced naked in the living room, moving dangerously close towards an open window several times. At the music's climax Fred eventually leapt through the window.
--> Leipzig, Theater der Jungen Welt, Friday, 23rd of October, 8 p.m.

Dariusz Nowak + Dor Mamalia
into me, see
Concrete and abstract, narrative and model, process and clearly fixed result, all this is found in the choreography. Seemingly effortless yet impressively intense, the two dancers act between moments of privacy and open proclamation, between performer and figure, between joy and pain, pathos and disillusionment.
--> unfortunately cancelled because of an injury

Dance Performance Queer Electronic Fantasy
Karol Tymiński
This Is A Musical
A microphone scans the skin, trunk and legs are hitting the floor. Karol Tymiński explores the sound-generating potential of his body. The “Musical” is created from a sort of memory material of longings. It spreads out in the space, as a composition of actions and thoughts, which lead into self-forgotten states of ecstasy.
--> Leipzig, Theater der Jungen Welt, Friday, 23rd of October, ca 9 p.m.

Performance Theatre
Janek Turkowski
How can the past be interpreted? Sixty-four rolls of Super 8 film, discovered at a flea market near the German-Polish border, all showing images of the same woman. Janek Turkowski has reconstructed her life - the life of a woman he did not know. Stories full of humor and sensitivity, told in the setting of a private film screening.
--> Chemnitz, Komplex, Friday Friday, 23rd of October, 6 p.m.
--> Leipzig, LOFFT - Das Theater, Saturday, 24th of October, 5 + 7 p.m.

Taki Pejzaz 2 by Pat Mic
Taki pejzaž © Pat Mic

Performance Dance Installation
Agata Maszkiewicz, Vincent Tirmarche, Christophe Demarthe
Taki pejzaż
Taki pejzaż (roughly: Such a landscape) shows the conquest of a space, a landscape, if you will, an entire world. Agata Maszkiewicz and her colleagues use an experimental room that is as alive as it is inanimate. With bodies, thoughts and assumptions, with declarations of intent and omissions, with small, implied utopias, with hope and sadness. Captivating due to its associative vagueness.
--> Leipzig, LOFFT - Das Theater, Saturday, 24th of October, 9 p.m.

Dance Improvisation
Iwona Olszowska + Paweł Konior
Ewa i On
"Ewa i On" (Ewa and Him) is the third dance piece focussing on the relation between man and woman, resulting from the long-standing collaboration between Iwona Olszowska and Paweł Konior. Within a thematically predetermined structure, a score, the two improvise in real time. The result is a kind of permanent composition, based on impressive presence and an intensive relationship between the dancers' bodies.
--> Chemnitz, Komplex, Saturday, 24th of October, 8 p.m.