Sari Palmgren
The Earth Song
In Germany artists sometimes also try to be political on stage. Yet, environmental politics and with it the human functions and failures are rarely an issue in theatre or contemporary dance. “The Earth Song” in contrast, a so-called ecological dance punk musical, provides a carnivalesque look into the crossing paths of consumer society, human behavior and climate change. Besides, it comes with irresistible live music.
Only in Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater, Saturday, 17th of September 8 p.m.

The Earth Song Solo by Uupi Tirronen
The Earth Song, Foto © Uupi Tirronen

Anna Paavilainen / Klockriketeatern
Play Rape
Abuse and rape is nothing you’d expect in theaters. But it is exactly there, where a woman occasionally has to act in a strange, illogic or even unworthy way. And where the older colleague, who thinks he’s irresistible, likes to grab a little tighter. The Finish actress Anna Paavilainen, known for main roles in successful movies, wrote a play based on such experience. She thereby triggered a past due debate in her country as well as in neighboring Sweden. Performed in Finish with English subtitles.
Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater, Sunday, 18th of September 8 p.m.
Dresden Societaetstheater, Monday, 19th of September 8 p.m.

Ismo Dance Company
Writing Dancing
A quite popular Finish philosopher watches a young professional dancing and notes down his reflections on her movements. The dancer on the other hand feels inspired, not least because he is writing about her. It’s a fascinating arrangement, strictly focused, but not without a sense of Northern patience and Finish humor.
Will be written live and projected in English.
Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater, Tuesday, 20th of September 8 p.m.
Dresden Societaetstheater, Thursday, 22nd of September 8 p.m.

Writing Dancing Dancing by Sakari Viika
Writing Dancing, Foto © Sakari Viika

Pasi Mäkelä
TONTTU is a vaguely defined revenant of a Finish archetype: An individualistic human being, living in the woods. Wherever he appears, he tries to get in contact and to articulate himself. Yet, he is always going to burn himself out: as a human-animal hybrid, as a body, as material, as a tool, as a bundle of flurry. TONTTU turns the places he finds into a course that is bursting with intense physicality.
In case of bad weather, especially rain, it will take place indoors. No language barrier.
Leipzig Kulturwerkstatt KAOS, Seebühne, Wednesday, 21st of September 8 p.m.
Dresden Societaetstheater, Gartenbühne, Friday, 23rd of September 8 p.m.

Dance films
LOIKKA dance film festival on Tour
It’s a fine selection of much-traveled and award-winning films chosen from the Finish dance film festival LOIKKA as well as from its offshoot 60secondsdance. In an hour you are going to watch several visionary and highly aesthetic masterpieces.
Dresden Societaetstheater, Wednesday, 21st of September 7 p.m.
Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater, Friday, 23rd of September 8 p.m.

LOIKKA Tanzfilm Body Language Zone
Dance film "Body Language Zone"

Sabotanic Garden
The popular American comic series “The Phantom” got first issued in the 1930s and has often been adapted for the screen since then. The comic-loving members of the “Sabotanic Garden” core group created their own episodes to the series that are occasionally on display at film festivals. On stage they are presenting FANTOM with widely improvised music and physically intense action. The performance was premiered as a so-called “Secret Society Gathering” in an old cinema hall in Prague. No language barrier.
Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater, Thursday, 22nd of September 8 p.m.
Dresden Societaetstheater, Saturday, 24th of September 8 p.m.

Nom Kollektiv
Can you dance a national anthem? The attempt is probably observed much more carefully than a “normal” dance and gets immediately interpreted or even evaluated by the audience.
So how can a dancer stand up to such an iconic music? Is it possible to read the dancer’s attitude towards a particular nation in his or her bodily interpretation of an anthem? And how does the audience react, considering their own expectations and attitudes?
No language barrier.
Only in Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater, Saturday, 24th of September 8 p.m.