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Lambros Pigounis
Micropolitics of Noise

Vortrag Micropolitics of Noise 3 Visitors by Panos Kokkinias beschnitten
"Micropolitics of Noise" im Athener Benaki Museum © Panos Kokkinias

Vor der sich anschließenden Aufführung „Sacrificial Mirror“ wird der Komponist und Soundkünstler Lambros Pigounis von seiner Langzeit-Performance „Micropolitics of Noise” im März/April 2016 im Athener Benaki Museum berichten, wo er sich 39 Tage lang niedrigen Dosen von „subsonic vibrational forces“, also einem Beschuss mit Unterschallwellen, aussetzte. Für ihn eine extreme Erfahrung von gleichermaßen gedanklicher Klarheit und Verwirrung bis hin zu körperlicher Abhängigkeit.

In November 2005, a number of international newspapers reported that air forces had begun to use sonic booms under the cover of darkness as “sound bombs” in the middle east. A sonic boom is the high-volume, deep-frequency effect of low-flying jets traveling faster than the speed of sound. Its victims likened its effect to the wall of air pressure generated by a massive explosion.
aus der Beschreibung der Performance

Lambros Pigounis specialises in the field of contemporary classical and electroacoustic composition. He teaches at SAE Athens Institute of Technology and he is an external affiliated researcher at the National University of Athens. His recent works include the Micropolitics of Noise, a long durational sound art performance commissioned by The Marina Abramovic Institute and commissions by the Hebbel Am Ufer - HAU Theatre in Berlin and Rimini Protokoll. He is currently researching the ethics and politics of sound through the input of the human agent in electroacoustic composition and performance based on interactive compositional models.

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