Kristóf Kelemen / Bence György Pálinkás
Magyar akác - Hungarian acacia
The locust tree (or false acacia) is regarded as the most Hungarian of all Hungarian trees, although it originated in North America. The foreign, immigrated plant could thus be seen as a symbol for an open society. From thoughts like this the authors developed their "post-fact documentary performance", a mixture between a poetry slam and an installation, made from sampled documentary and post-dramatic historic play. Performed in Hungarian with English (and German) subtitles.
--> Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater Tuesday, 22nd of May 8 p.m.
--> Dresden Societaetstheater Thursday, 24th of May 8 p.m.
--> Chemnitz Komplex Saturday, 26th of May 8 p.m.

Theater Magyar akác 5 by Krisztina Csányi
Magyar akác, Foto © Krisztina Csányi

Dance Physical Theatre
cie.ooops Kata Juhász
Warm up
Supple, athletic and acrobatic: “Warm up” offers an introduction to the fascination and opportunities of contemporary dance, with a huge variety up to the point of physical theatre and elements of “New Circus”. A lecture, almost like a gateway drug. The performance has been shown in many countries, always leaving the audience impressed and well entertained. No language barrier.
--> Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater Wednesday, 23rd of May 11 a.m. + 6 p.m.

Live Art Performance Installation
Veronika Szabó + Mummy`s Sloppy Honey (HU/GB)
War Paint
In a private apartment, three ladies are getting ready for going a night out. The audience is invited to watch them, being likewise exposed to such an intimate situation that, due to the lack of distance, increases to an almost real encounter. “War Paint” explores the relation between women and their bodies, tells from beauty and strength, but also from insecurity and vulnerability. Audio tracks in English.
--> Chemnitz Bürogebäude Zietenstraße 2a Thursday, 24th of May 8 - 10 p.m. Reservation required

Performance Installation War Paint 5 by Lena Meyer
War Paint, Foto © Lena Meyer

Dance Performance Lecture
Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi
Should women dedicate their biological abilities at the service of society in order to increase the European birth rate? The playful and humorous solo performance examines the perception of the female body in contemporary society. It deals with tradition and taboos, role models and self-optimization, the impact of advertising and the media, expectations and disappointments. The performance is a result from an artist’s residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York. Performed in English.
--> Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater Thursday, 24th of May 8 p.m.
--> Dresden Societaetstheater Saturday, 26th of May 8 p.m.

Valencia James
Between the World and Me
Valencia James was born on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. She studied in Cuba and subsequently lived and worked for nine years in Hungary. With "Between the World and Me" she attempted to address her foreignness in this country. As a dancer, as a woman, but especially as a person of color - in a European capital with a predominantly white population. Performed in English.
--> Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater Thursday, 24th of May 9.30 p.m.
--> Chemnitz Komplex Friday, 25th of May 8 p.m.

Tanz Grace 66 by Daniel Domolky
Grace, Foto © Daniel Domolky

Timothy and the Things
Schrödingerre várva - Waiting for Schrödinger
The starting point of this performance was the thought experiment “Schrödinger’s cat” devised by Noble Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger. The Austrian physicist thereby proved his theory that particles exist simultaneously in different places and in different states. The choreography focuses on anticipation, avoidance and reaction as well as on the resultant emotions. It's wonderful to watch the unorthodox and anarchistic performance, starring six unleashed dancers constantly transforming and merging. No language barrier.
--> Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater Friday, 25th of May 8 p.m.

Four charismatic dancers explore their physical limits. They enter a magic world of joy and pain, take a ritual bath in limelight, tell rich and loud stories of passion, and march towards ecstasy, electro and classical burlesque. The highly dynamic and impressively intensive performance won the well-known Hungarian Lábán Prize for the “Choreography of the Year” in 2017. Performed in Hungarian with English (and German) subtitles.
--> Leipzig Theater der Jungen Welt Saturday, 26th of May 8 p.m.

Konzert Meszecsinka 4
Foto © Meszecsinka

Concert New Wave Folk
The in the Balkans very successful band has songs in seven languages in their repertoire. Meszecsinka create dazzling soundscapes filled with Hungarian as well as Bulgarian music, mixed with Arabic and Spanish influences. Sensual vocals merge with a psychedelic and abundant guitar sound. Critics call it first-class world music.
--> Dresden Societaetstheater Friday, 25th of May 8 p.m.
--> Leipzig LOFFT - Das Theater Saturday, 26th of May 9.30 p.m.